Traver Calzada- cuadros pequeños membrillos y plátanos


Painters are often loosely attributed as figurative, abstract, conceptualist, etc; it is the mania of many critics and theorists of the art of labels. I sincerely believe that the painter uses at the same time all the resources that he has within reach and his artwork grows and advances by impulses that are a concept, figuration, abstraction, geometrization, gestures and everything that the intuition suggests him, without worrying about which “ism” is transiting in each moment. 

This reflection is born not from the theory of someone who has never touched a brush, but from someone who has spent it being fascinated by the countless possibilities – often contradictory, that makes them even more interesting- of shapes and colors, the qualities of various shades and techniques and the surprising state reactions that the pictorial language, when it is used with intelligence and sensitivity, produces in the awareness of the viewer. The step from the realism and the abstraction I show it here with this new series of oil studies of little still lifes. 

Granadas 1- Traver Calzada Plátanos 1- Traver Calzada Plátanos 2- Traver Calzada    Membrillos 1- Traver Calzada Membrillos 6- Traver Calzada Membrillos 4- Traver CalzadaMembrillos 7- Traver Calzada  Membrillos 22- Traver Calzada Membrillos 12- Traver CalzadaMembrillos 14- Traver Calzada  Membrillos 21- Traver Calzada Membrillos 19 Traver CalzadaMembrillos 13- Traver Calzada Membrillos 3- Traver Calzad Membrillos 16- Traver Calzada Membrillos 17- Traver Calzada  Membrillos detalle 18- Traver Calzada Membrillos detalle 19- Traver Calzada Membrillos detalle 20- Traver Calzada

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